Exfoliate First to Find Your

Clear Skin

Finally Find Your Clear Skin

I Help People Clear Persistent Acne, Naturally.

Discover the Secret to Clearing Your Acne-Prone Skin and Reclaim the Confidence that Comes with It

I stumbled on this by accident, but you don’t have to wait until the stars align …

If you’ve tried everything and are on the verge of giving up on clear skin …
why not try something simple and unexpected?

Shower head with water running, indicating soaking and softening skin before exfoliation.

Soak. Take a warm shower or bath to soften the outer layers of your skin.

Scrape. Scrape off the dead skin with your fingernails.

Repeat. Rinse off the dead skin, rewet (soak), and scrape again.

A frog looking in a mirror wondering why common skincare routines do not result in clear skin and control of acne.

Missing: A Skincare Routine for Me

For some people, the standard advice and products just don’t work.

Scratch Beneath the Surface to Find Clear Skin

How I discovered the secret to clearing my acne and maintaining clear skin.